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Unique And Creative Container House With Wood Wall System And Glass Windows And Sliding Glass Door
A Large Shipping Container As Comfy Building With Glass Windows
Shipping Container Unit Building With Garage
Shipping Containers Building Project In Three Floors With Glass Windows Units
Two Floors Container Home Living With Minimalist Glass Windows And Glass Door Units
A Shipping Container House With Large Sliding Glass Door And Glass Window And Porch  A Pair Of Plastic Patio Chairs In Orange
Container House In Modern Minimalist Design With Black Framed Glass Windows And Glass Door
Home Living Constructed From Large Shipping Containers
Red Container Home With Large Glass Doors And Glass Windows In White Frames A Set Of Metal Furniture For Patio
Interior And Exterior Views Of A Luxurious Shipping Container Building

What is in your mind when you just knew that there are large shipping containers are modified into a luxurious home living? Most people may question, How come? But that’s a fact. Beginning at 2009, there are several creative architects and interior designers who corporate to change large shipping containers into a comfy and luxurious home. It is relatively cheap and strong foundation to build up a home living by using a big box of shipping container. Previously, the architects and interior designers use shipping containers as the main foundations of schools for economic necessity and aesthetic reason.

If you are so curious what home-shipping containers looks like? Here are some name lists of unique homes that are constructed from large shipping containers. To have clearer vision about the homes, you can view the pictures later on after this article. The first home-shipping containers are Crossbox House which was built in 2009. This house is designed by CG Architects Pont-Pean, France.

The building is so wonderful. It consists of two floors: basement and the first floor. Two large shipping containers are used as the basement and two others are functional as the first floor. Both parts are different in color. Basement has neutral tones like dark-gray and white, while top part is brighter one due to its green color. The creators concern on modern minimalist concept. As the result, these home-shipping containers look so simple but elegant.

Live/ Work by Sculpt (IT) in Belgium, Adriance House in Northern Maine by Adam Kalkin, Cove Park in Scotland by Urban Space Management, A Solar-Powered Houses in Colorado by Studio H:T, Redodo Beach House in California, WFH House in China, Maison Container Life in France, and London Container City in UK are only few ranges of unique, low cost, and comfy buildings made from large shipping containers.

Reference: freshome.com

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