Living Room Idea with Kitchen – Update Style

What is good in contemporary interior design? I think it is well lifted because of its accessible design and also casual style. yeah, it is getting more casual to have the modern interior design at your home. Due to its no formal idea, uniting two different vibe in a room is no matter. You might have found living room with kitchen idea often. It showcases how the style works with spacious hub to socialize in the home.

The first living room with kitchen idea is the one with large wooden kitchen bar which is set in line with the glass door leading to outdoor. With black modern sofa added before the textured wall on the tv console, this vibe looks so luxurious as well as stylish!

Another design takes very spacious room to deal with living room with kitchen design. it is truly a perfect blend between the socializing hub with cooking spot with no border. The storage stacked on the wall is the one helpful for cooking, and the sofa before it is the seating both for living space and the kitchen. It is a brand new style, but it successfully breaks people mind!

The next design is enriched with full of wooden material from floor to ceiling. Only narrow part of the vibe painted in white for bright nuance. The wooden table for dining set looks perfect with some turquoise chairs around. So much fun to finish the apetizer to desert in this spot!

Bringing small table for the bar in the living room is another perfect idea that you can do. It is simple and practical, so what are you waiting for?


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