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Mid Century Plus Modern Style Curtain For Glass Window
Floor To Top Mid Century Curtain Idea With Modern Pattern A Simple Chair With White Cushion And Patterned Backrest Feature
Mid Century Modern Window Curtain In Light Orange Round Corner Table An Armchair With Round Orange Throw Pillow A Classic Table Lamp
Classic Style Curtain For Large Window In A Modern Living Room A Metal Shade Floor Light Fixture Red Area Rug With Modern Pattern A Corner Armchair Darker Stain Round Side Table Round Wood Table
Mid Century Mix With Contemporary Style Curtain In Light Brown Tone Color Light Green Sofa With Two Decorative Pillows Torquiso Chair With Steel Legs A Wood Table With Single Shelf White Area Rug
Mid Century Combined With Contemporary Style Window Curtain Round Glass Table With Brushed Black Stained Metal Legs
Top To Ceiling Window Curtain With Modern Patternn
Mid Century Modern Shower Curtain With Three Tone Colors For The Pattern A Small Bathroom Vanity With  Sink And Faucet A  Framed Mirror Grey Wool Bathroom Mat
19th Window Curtain Idea With Modern Pattern And Image
Mixed Mid Century And Modern Style Curtain With Unique Pattern

Style of Mid Century is still playing significant role in these days, especially in home design and architecture. Previously, this style concerns only on attention of nation, but few years later the style brings retro palettes and sleek furniture themes as the obvious trend of style. You may be one of retro-style lovers and attract to give a retro touch in your home decor.

Adding mid century style can be done in two ways: re-decorating the whole old-decor into mid century style and just adding/ replacing particular interior items with mid-century-themed items. Well, with replacing the old window curtain with mid century modern curtains sounds great idea to create a new mid century modern home decor. This is more practical compared to re-decorate the whole items into such style.

One of mid century modern curtains for window is a neutral colored-curtain with flower pattern as the accent. The pattern is in small size and drawn in two color schemes. The pattern of curtain describes the main concept of mid century style, while the color base of curtain represents the modernity.

Another idea of mid century modern curtain is a white curtain with random patterns and color tones. Like the picture below, it describes a white kitchen window curtain beautified with colorful images of dishware.
A few of mid century modern curtains are designed in non-cheerful color schemes. A curtain with light cream color tone is colorized with mix colors of bold and light brown represented by modern patterns. The following are several references of mid century modern curtains we share to you. We hope these curtains give you inspiration when you start to re-decorate your home.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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