Modern and Cool Mirror Backsplash for Modern Kitchen

A backsplash is mostly built in the kitchen wall, precisely behind or under the cabinet. This backsplash has function to reduce the possibility of dust or dirt comes to the kitchen. There are so many backsplash design can be used to design the kitchen. One of which is called mirror backsplash why mirror backsplash? Because the material uses mirror concept like the common mirror. Therefore, in this article the writer will show you some nice mirror backsplash design in some kitchens.

Let us start from the first picture showed in this article, there is a picture of a kitchen which has mirror backsplash. This backsplash is located or put under the floating cabinet behind the sink and stove. This mirror backsplash in fact can make your room look so wide, but it is just an illusion. This mirror backsplash is the small one, we can compare it with the other mirror backsplash which has larger design. This mirror backsplash is built in a modern kitchen which has white cabinet accent. The kitchen wall is full of wooden modern cabinet while at the mid there is a long large mirror backsplash.

You can also build this mirror backsplash behind your kitchen sink by the way. Suppose you have a farm sink, you can make one mirror backsplash with large design. This concept is cool and suitable for modern kitchen design anyway. You can use the best kitchen countertop design and the best kitchen cabinet, then combine it with the mirror backsplash concept. You may also build a mirror backsplash with brick shaped concept. This is the best one to get such a unique backsplash for modern kitchen. Well, those are some samples of mirror backsplash for now, you can choose which one is your favorite and apply it on your kitchen design.


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