Antique Mirror Backsplash: New Inspiration to Create an Antique Accent in a Modern Kitchen

Mirrors become one of items used everywhere in almost house since many years ago. Nowadays, mirrors use as the important part of house comes to re-use on the kitchen backsplashes. They are used as stunning tiles for kitchen backsplash in various styles. They are also easy to find particular mirror tiles for kitchen. You just decide what type mirror do you want: is that antique or traditional one? Whatever mirror type you have chosen, it adds blink and light. Moreover, mirror tiles for kitchen backsplash will create instant nuance of larger space to kitchen.

Antique mirror backsplash is more popular than traditional. It’s probable because it can be treated as aged look backsplash. You can install this kind of mirror as your kitchen backsplash tiling. Its antique look becomes the kitchen accent, especially for contemporary or other kitchen styles. The aged mirror backsplash usually has worn finishing and darker hue.

To make the kitchen backsplash more stylish, there are several ways of mirror backsplash installations. Traditional becomes the first way of mirror tiles installation for kitchen backsplash. It is very simple installation but stylish. The mirrors are applied along the backsplash area from the bottom to upper kitchen cabinets.
Second optional installation of antique mirror backsplash is subway tiles. Even though it looks so classical, subway tiles are still so popular today. You can use the mirrors’ lines connecting among the pieces of mirror tile as a unique focal point to your kitchen.

Framed mirror backsplash sounds so creative and rarely used by homeowners. You can apply this idea of installation to your kitchen backsplash. Then, two last stylish mirror backsplash installation ideas are mosaic tiles and diagonal tiles backsplash made from the pieces of antique mirrors. Both ideas look so great, especially for a contemporary kitchen. So, which one antique mirror backsplash installation you want to choose?


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