Tips of Selecting Open Floor Plans Home Designs

living room dining room kitchen modern luxury penthouse interior

Home with openspace layout becomes one of popular home plans available today. Even, this is claimed as one of trends in home designing. Many homeowners with such openspace layout then request special floor plans that match the openspace home design idea. Openspace layouts themselves are the idea of home designing with larger spaces accommodating some functional spaces, such as kitchen room, family room, dining room, and living room. An openspace layout lets you to keep in touch with other family members without being separated by the wall or room partition. It means that cooking, gathering, and eating become precious experience in daily life.

The followings are some tips of selecting the open floor plans home designs. First, chose only one material for openspace floors. It’s okay if you want to switch the floor with another material, but if your openspace is big, one kind of material will help you to create the room as one big room. It is better not to make any transitions.

Second, you require more durable floor material for kitchen area due to heavy use, children, dogs, etc. Don’t use this similar to family room. Porcelain is one of floor materials that offer good durability. But it looks so common if you use porcelain as the floor plans for living room area. Porcelain floor plans look cold and cheap. The natural stones floor plans are much better because they offer high quality and warmth.

Next tips of selecting the open floor plans home designs are if you are interesting in using wood floors for your openspace, be sure that the woods are highly in quality and look. How about the kitchen area? Is it better to apply more solid and durable material for floor? Absolutely correct! You can use another material such as porcelain or natural stones that perform good durability. But choose the same tone color that is identical with woods’. So, they are not in high contrast transition. Tips of selecting the open floor plans home designs, hopefully, can add new references before doing the open floor plans project.


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