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Marvelous Patterned Duvet Cover In Large Size With A Lot Of Pillows
Elegant Black And White Oversized Duvet Cover Idea For Monochromotic Bedroom Decor Theme
Two Side Light Blue Duvet Cover In Large Size A Modern Bed Furniture With Grey Headboard Idea White Bedside Table With Shelf Underneath
Cozy Oversized Duvet Cover For Kid’s Bedroom A Bed Frame With Classic Metal Headboard  A White Bedside Table As A Workstation A Pink Wood Chair In Modern Style A Pink Runner For Bedroom
Maroon And Earthy Brown Duvet Cover Idea In Extra Large Size Some Pillows White Wood Bedside Table With Cabinet And Black Painted Wood Frame
White Oversized Duvet Cover For King Bed Furniture With Brown Headboard A White Minimalist Bedside Table With Drawers A Modern Table Lamp With Clear Crystal Stand Idea
Simple White Large Duvet Cover With Little Floral Patterns  A Bed Frame With White Headboard A Bedside Cabinet End Table With White Sheet
Oversized Duvet Cover Idea With Classic Pattern Round Black Wood Bedside Table With Undershelf
Luxurious Oversized Duvet Cover In Blue With Beautiful Patterns White Bedding  A Lot Of Pillows With Dominant Blue Pillowcases
Elegant And Simple Two Side Duvet Cover In Extra Size  Two White Pillows And Four Grey Pillows A Black Corner Armchair A Metal Side Table With A Modern Standing Lamp Black Coated Wooden Bedside Table

Oversized duvet covers probably become unique bed decor style for particular group of people. In fact, many people love such style. The style looks more luxurious with these extra-size duvet covers. These covers can give special value in different way. Using the range of standard sizes of duvet covers is so mainstream. Thousands or probably millions of people do that. But, using extra-large duvet covers are only few of people do that. Perhaps you’re one of them.

Like standard-sized duvet covers, oversized duvet covers come with various patterns, fabrics, and colors. The patterns applied on these series of duvet covers consist of traditional and modern pattern options. Traditional/ classic commonly carries floral or natural items as the main pattern themes, while modern patterns usually used to garnish the duvet covers are geometric, dots, strips, diamond-cuts, and many others.

The colors also vary, starting from natural-earth color schemes to cheerful color schemes. Many of oversized duvet covers are also manufactured in some neutral color schemes. In patterned-duvet covers, the color applied on them is more than one color schemes, so the covers looks so colorful when they are put over the bed. Such appearance, of course, add a dramatic look to the bedroom generally and the bed itself more particularly.

Choose the fabric you love and enjoy the comfort and beauty offered by your new oversized duvet covers. The duvets are made from high quality fabrics, such as silk, sateen, cotton, and others. Non-silk fabrics, like sateen and cotton, have ultimate quality. They are very soft like the sheets of silk. Find out one suiting your personal taste from our gallery. We have shared the newest designs of oversized duvet covers taken from some popular bed-fashion item brands in the gallery. Just check them out.

Reference: www.potterybarn.com

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