Two Sided Fireplace Warms Spacious Interior Effortless with Eclectic Plan

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Stunning Two Sided Fireplace Design In Brown Mantel With White Accent Aside Dining Table With Large Glass Window Upon Brown Flooring Design
Open Plan Living Space With Creamy Seating Before Wooden Rectangle Coffee Table Upon Cream Area Rug With Two Sided Fireplace Design With Stone Mantel
Luxurious And Modern Two Sided Fireplace Design With Brown Mantel Beneath Bold Concrete Wall Aside Recessed Cabinet Before Modern Black Sofa With Navy Blue Coffee Table
Open Plan Apartment Interior Design With White Seating And Brown Fabric Area Rug And Two Sided Fireplace Design Beneath Clock With Large Glass Window
Gorgeous White And Black Mantel Two Sided Fireplace Design With Glossy Base Aside Yellow Ceramic Decoration In Living Dining Room With Modern Lighting
Gorgeous Two Sided Fireplace Design With White Top Design And Natural Wood Bottom Aside Polka Dot Patterned Ceramic Design Before Grey Sofa With Grey Area Rug
Open Plan Living Room Design With Black Luxurious Sofa And Grey Area Rug And Two Sided Fireplace Design With Grey Tall Mantel Upon Laminated Bamboo Flooring Style
Natural Rustic Two Sided Fireplace Design With Firm Stone Mantel And Wooden Rack In Living Room With White Seating And Wooden Accent
Amazing Bold Two Sided Fireplace Design With Natural Wooden Like Mantel And Glossy White Base Aside Dining Table With Open Plan Style
Luxurious And Spacious Living Room Design With Open Plan And Geometric Patterned Area Rug Beneath Stunning Ceiling Lamp Upon Wooden Floor With Two Sided Fireplace

Open plan interior is meant to be an Eco-friendly design as it is designed with energy saving plant. Natural light becomes the cheap source to light the day. Then, to make everything in balance condition, a two sided fireplace must be a cool new stuff that you must have. It warms two directions at once, and it is stunning!

A two sided fireplace sets itself between two different zone living space and dining room. It looks great with the bold concrete mantel that is also a room divider, I guess. It is quite interesting too that the design fills an open plan interior with large outside view displayed to be the background. The black board aside seems to be an optional drape that the inhabitant could displace it. In short, this stuff shows elegant fixture for classy modern interior design.

It seems like two sided fireplace really fits to divide the living and dining space. The next design offers expensive look wrapped in white tone. In addition, it is not an ordinary concrete mantel, the texture gives special awe instead. In this case, the flashing black accent of the base looks so pretty to insert the design with glossy mirror. So, anytime it is needed, it warms the two zones at one time. Great!

In addition, two sided fireplace now is available in electric model. Filling an open plan design, it is long beneath gray concrete mantel. Covered with transparent glass, of course it warms the atmosphere without ruining the smooth decoration. I guess, everybody likes this stuff!


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