Asymmetric and Inexpensive Prefab House In Sweden Presenting Modern Living Impression

Despite its price, this low-priced prefab house is a strong proof that an inexpensive house can present modern living experience that provides coziness inside. This house can also be adjusted to any types of landscape, even in irregular site. Swedih architect, Tommy Carlsson, envisioned an economical prefab house that would be nestled in Stockhlom’s suburb in Sweden.

Not only that, the house construction is unchallenging and can be done on the spot. The building area that takes up to 65 square meters also delivers green and scenic surroundings to provide the occupants privacy and transquility. The prefab house with asymmetrical shape is a modular frame of plywood coated with corrugated iron to facilitate the assembly as well as transportation.

In the interior, the two-floored house flaunt intriguing plywood wall that adds unique texture throughout the space. The ground floor provides small kitchen and the dining area with a round simple pendant lamp as a source of lighting. A staircase out of plywood gives a way into the upper floor where two bedrooms and a lounge. Every sitting area is placed by a large fenceless window, offering the owners panoramic views of lush vegetations and natural lighting.

Perched on a sloping land, this asymmetric prefab house costs 170,000 euros that is worth purchasing, particularly with all the modern features available to give the owners a luxurious living experience. Now, who would say that affordable house is not delightful anymore?

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