Superb Retreat with Rustic Stone Application in the Interior

What comes on your mind once talking about a SUPERB thing? Yeah, most people with think everything about luxury, glamor style and of course unusual design that will open people eyes widely. Yeah, that is not a wrong idea, but what about a classic superb retreat? Should it be that glamour as you imagine? Yeah, many things deal with superb term, and of course for a classic thing, there is no glamor look but the classy one.below, you will see a home with superb idea bewildered with rustic stone application!

From the outside look, it is just clear how the house is firmly built with stone. The siding is fully made with hard stone stacked with cement. It makes texture to the whole look, and of course every single stone makes round shape in almost white gray color gradation. I think it is a common house from outside, but you haven’t seen the interior anyway!

The floor is just matching with the outdoor look how a stone house supposed to be. In its rustic black tile flooring idea, there is no need to apply more rustic accent into the interior actually. Even the brown banquette sitting next to the door gives awesome feeling for the occupants to sit relax.

Entering the living space is the more suprising look with total rustic applied from the floor to ceiling. The ceiling is nothing but such old rotten wood look arranged shaping beautiful deck. The wall shelves add the nuance of living in the country with all spices put there. I like how the sofa is placed opposing each other!


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