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Creative Safari Bedroom Decor Design For Baby A Unit Of Black Coated Wood Baby Crib With Crib Mattress Brown Shag Bedroom Rug Some Animal Stuffs Some Animal Wallpaper
Animal Skin Print Bedding Idea For Safari Bedroom Decorating
Queen Sized Bed Frane With Black Leather Headboard And Large  Tiger Pictured Bedcover Some Pillows With Tiger Pictured Pillowcases Small Black Coat Wood Bedside Table With Small Drawer
Simple Safari Bedroom Decorating Idea With Zebra Themed Pillowcases And Zebra Skin Theme Bedroom Rug
Cool Safari Decor Idea For Modern Minimalist Bedroom
Wooden Baby Crib With Safari Themed Blanket Some Animal Stuffs Safari Wallpaper Idea Cute Table Lamp With Animal Miniature As Decoration
King Sized Bed Frame With Headboard And Leopard Skin Print Bed Linen And Pillows Light Beige Bed Curtain A Black Painted Chest Table Round Bedside Tables
A Sofa Bed Furniture In White With Animal Pillowcases Animal Map Wall Decoration A Pair Of Bedside Table With Table Lamps Two Large Animal Stuffs Near The Furniture
Safari Decor Idea For Kids’ Bedroom In Green Theme  Safari Wallpaper Idea White And Green Shag Bedroom Rug A Computer Desk With Movable Chair A Corner White Chair
Cool And Marvelous Safari Bedroom Decor With Safari Themed Wallpaper Zebra Bedding For Two Single Beds

Safari bedroom decor sounds attractive to apply. Such decor idea is not merely suiting for kids’ bedroom. Adults’ bedroom in safari theme is also unique. The decoration will be different to most home decor ideas. In changing your old bedroom decor to safari bedroom decor, there are some points you must be known.

First, the way of transform a bedroom into safari themed bedroom decor. It’s really common if most people love rustic, modern, vintage, monochromatic, or minimalist interior home decor. It will be totally different if you pick safari theme as the main interior decor. Safari means so many animals, jungles, and everything that lives in jungle. Start your decorating activities with selecting the interior pieces related to animals and jungles. Be sure that the pieces you are taken have close relation to the wild world.

Second, choose some animal stuff that live in wild nature, such as tiger, giraffe, lion, elephant, and others. The animal stuffs are very recommended ones for kids’ safari bedroom decor. The wallpaper with wild nature description is also well applied on the kids’ bedroom wall. Please select ones which have attractive and cheerful tones of color. Why? Kids love colorful items. Attractive colors can also stimulate the kids’ brain, so they can help the kids to be more creative and smarter.

Use particular motifs, such as zebra, tiger, leopard, etc for the bed linens, bed covers, pillowcases, furniture sets, and bedroom rugs. Another alternative motif for empowering safari theme in a bedroom is floral motif. Tree trunk bedside table addition is a great element for supporting a safari bedroom decor idea.


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