Rustic Nursery Room Ideas: Aesthetic & Characterful Decorating Style with Richness of Natural Colors & Textures

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Rustic decorating ideas evoke calmness, simplicity, and connection to the nature. I personally think that this decorating style needs to apply for the nursery rooms. It must be interested and unique as it gives much of natural appeal and warmth to baby rooms. As result, the space feels naturally cozy and fully decorated by natural elements. Well, if you are so curious about how rustic trend meets the nursery room design, here are ten special ideas of rustic nursery furniture that will instantly add rustic touches in nursery rooms.

Cute rustic-style side table. The table is made of tiny logs which are orderly arranged into one cluster. To make this well-clustered, the designer uses best quality wood glue to make every single log adheres to each other. The wooden element offers rich but light feel; a perfect start for a rustic-inspired baby nursery room.

It’s brilliant idea to mix rustic and modern monochrome. I think this combination really fits the baby boy since the taken colors are inspired from the nature’s tones where we easily meet the ground, mountain, camping ground, woodland, and other outdoors. I also really love the pallet wall which is featured with white. The resulted schemes, of course, creates light interior.

What if we combine boho and light rustic in one frame? It sounds perfect and surely will inspire those who love both boho & rustic. Here, we have to expose more the textural colors, patterns, and physical textures. We can put them in different spots like this ethnic rug (colors & patterns), natural fiber pouch (texture), and wood elements (rustic vibe).

Yes, the space infuses a little bit rustic through wood and vivid houseplant elements, but I also find boho vibe showcased from the playful patterns and textural color scheme (area rug). When these interior items meet woodland-green wall, they reveal a perfectly earthy visualization.

Light & modern rustic is created when textural wood color meets white. The combination makes the space clean-look & minimalist. This idea works well if you want to redesign a baby room with a bit rustic feel.

Sometimes including the wood element in room is an instant way to get a rustic style. Without finishing, the wood’s original texture and color will be obviously exposed. For the baby rooms, you just need to add something fun & childish like this animal stuff for creating a kid-themed atmosphere.

It’s available to take raw rustic as the interior decorating style in your nursery room. Get the rustic feel just by using darker wood finishing for the crib and floors.

Rustic is closely related to nature. Create your own rustic style just by adding floral wallpaper and bamboo baby crib. These two elements, of course, have met what rustic really means.

Really want to include modern mountain-man vibe? This baby room design probably meets your dream. The interior simply displays a modern mountain-man vibe only through the wallpaper and it really affects the created atmosphere. The idea is surely recommended for the parents-to-be who really love hiking or other adventurous hobbies.

Wood pallet wall is a good choice for rustic-feel baby room. It’s much more amazing if it’s designed with additional decors like this one.

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