What Is A Sideboard?

What is a sideboard is more often asked when you or other people still cannot find the difference between a sideboard and other pieces of furniture that have similar design and function (such as server and buffet). Sideboard is a kind of furniture usually set down in a dining room. It is used to serve the foods and to store the serving pieces and dishware. A sideboard is designed with closed cabinets and shelves for storage. But, many sideboards are produced in other styles and designed. Glass sliding door cabinets and shelves, for instance, is just one of modern style of sideboard. A sideboard’s top is usually used as the proper surface to display the ornaments.

Many people guess that a sideboard is similar to buffet. At glance, yes it’s rather similar, but if you observe both of them carefully, you’ll find some differences. First difference is the legs’ height. A buffet is customized in higher legs, while a sideboard has short legs. Second difference is the location where it should be placed. A sideboard is usually used as the part of a dining room. A buffet, especially high-body buffet, is used as the room divider and it’s commonly placed in a living room or family/ entertaining room. What is a sideboard also becomes interesting issue to be related to its history.

What is a sideboard can be defined since it was brought by European people in 18th Century. The old sideboard designs look so extravagant in specifications/ details. Sideboard for dining room is usually made from hardwood such as pine, walnut, and oak. Curved-front shape sideboard now becomes the most popular sideboard design today. So, now you have known actually what the difference between sideboard and other identical storage furniture is and what a sideboard is.

Reference: houzz.com

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