Simple Glass Door Coverings

Glass door is absolutely beautiful and pretty, it is media of warm sun light to come to your home space. But sometimes, during summer, sun light may too light for your eyes and make your room feels hot than usual. When you use glass door curtains, it can totally covering up your glass door and your room becomes darker like at night. Solution for this, you need good glass door coverings that you can adjust nicely.

Simple glass door coverings have two types, regular half curtain or shades. Half curtain will not covering your glass door all over the whole surface, you can use the half curtain to cover top part of your glass door. Clearly it is not recommended at all to use blackout curtain if privacy is not your main purpose of using glass door cover. It is much better to have shades of course, because you can control the intensity of sun light that will come into your room.

There are some places which is having glass door and also needs glass door cover as soon as possible. Balcony is usually designed with slide glass door, as same as sun room. If you have sun room in your home, you may have more than one glass door with many windows. Another important thing is the result that glass door cover made when sun lights hit it.

Glass door cover color decides color in your room which is created by sun light. If you choose shades, white simple shades is awesome, then if you pick curtain, make sure it is layered.


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