Small Console Table for Hallway – Perfect Icon to Fill the Space

Do you still leave your hallway lonely? Never been too much with this most passed space in the house! even you will not spend the day in the hallway, but at least you have to touch it with charm, so anyone passing will give highs score to your interior. Yeah, there are various ideas that you can make in order to make the interior great. One of the ideas is stuffing the space with small console table! If you cannot trust me, you can prove it by yourself! So, happy trying!

Taking the one in neutral black color must be great for you who don’t need much sensation in the hallway. The small wooden console table is no more but a slice of wooden board stacked on the wall with just two legs. With wine glasses shaped candelabrum, the outlook is transformed into such holy and stunning tone.

Another design looks seductive in its bright red tone. It is seemingly to mirror to a dresser with four drawers. to lift the outlook, the designer place a hot white flower tone on the crystal vas above the console table. Now, it stands firmly beneath the white wall conquering the natural light flashing from the glass window!

There is another small hallway console table design inspired by the tone of a cute dresser. it stands for three drawers in its cutest shape, and the holy white flower makes purposive tone on its top along with bevelled framed wall mirror in rectangle shape!


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