Under Window Bookcase: Compact and Stunning Storage for Your Precious Book Collections

If you have many book collections and don’t know how to arrange it properly, why don’t you decorate under window bookcase instead of the common bookcase? By decorating the under window bookcase, you will get the stunning book storage which does not occupy too much space in your room. Of course, it will be suitable for you who have a limited space in your home interior.

How to decorate it? First, you need to decide the space that you want to use to decorate the under window bookcase. It is better for you to decorate it in a room which has a large and long window area such as in the bedroom or living room.

After that, determine the size of the room and bookcase that you want to decorate. You can take a look and grab some inspirations of the size and style of under window bookcase in the following pictures. Choose the best one that you think gonna fit to your room space and also the amount of your book collections.

Well, if your book collection is not pretty much, you can decorate a short and small under window bookcase. For the featuring element, you can also add a built in bench with bedding and cushions on it.

If you have a great room space and have a lot of collection, you can install under window bookcase in a long or sectional style. The idea of presenting under window bookcase with closet and TV stand seems a good idea for you who have tall window installation. For accessories, you can put family photo frame on it to sweeten the decoration.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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