Groutless Backsplash, How to Minimize The Grouts?

You must be so curious how to reduce or to solve the grouts discovered on your backsplash. The grouts naturally appear after some years the backsplash is installed. The grouts cannot be repaired, but you can minimize them.

A solution many people apply to minimize the grouts existence on their backsplash is by covering the grouts with hot glue. It is very easy to practice it. You just put and the hot glue on the whole backsplash surface then wipe the whole area using your hand. Before you do it, make sure that you have already use hand cover to protect your hand from the hot glue. After some minutes, clean up the whole backsplash by using wet cloth to vanish the glue on backsplash surface. The grouts will be covered by glue and you will see groutless backsplash.

Other solutions are also available in how to reduce the grouts if you want to practice one of them. Replacing the real stones or other backsplash materials with premium sheet vinyl which has been completing with cushioned finish, installing the backsplash that is completed with fake grout lines, completing the backsplash with plaster feature, and using waterproof sealant finishing on your backsplash are some lists of how to get groutless backsplash.

The following are some groutless backsplash installations for kitchen area. Wish they become your new inspiration, especially when you are going to select and remodel your backsplash area. Let’s check them out.


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