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modern round platform bed in white black comforter black pillows earthy brown tiles floors brown wallpaper light pink painted walls curvy media console modern ceiling lamp S.I.D.

We’re used to seeing rectangular beds as they’re commonly used in most numbers of houses. But how’s about the round beds, especially the round platform beds? Actually, there are many options of round platform bed products in furniture shops. They are designed in huge variants of finishing, size, and additional features.

Like regular platform beds, round platform beds have specific model, lower base. According to shape, the round platform beds are really fashionable, unique, stylish, and of course very distinctive in look. So, if you love something unusual to your lovely home, choose this kind of bed as best choice. Please take a look at these ten ideas of inspiring round platform beds I am gonna share to you.

Show your unique lifestyle through your unusual furnishing option. Round platform bed offers different shape in your bedroom. You can make the curvy detail as the main attraction. I’m pretty love this white bed; its clean look becomes perfect base for black comforter. So elegant!

The thick leather is superb material type that fills in this modern round platform bed, and the headboard adds the comfort and modernity to this bed. Interestingly, a couple of integrated bedside tables is added to improve the bed’s performance.

Like the previous one, this round platform bed frame is made of best thick leather and completed with a pair of integrated bedside tables. The headboard is a bit different; there is a deeper segment as the accent.

I can say that this simple round bed fits well into this curved wall panel. It looks much more interesting with special wallpaper exposing dominant black accented with smaller white flower-like. The wallpaper of course stands out the bed, while the light wood floors bring natural warmth in this private space.

Now I’m displaying EuroLux Furniture’s masterpiece that emphasizes the contemporary model, clean look, and stylish. The designer uses thick leather as the material and inserted some additional features like headboard and integrated bedside tables on either side. Excellent!

I really love this layout, a mattress is in similar scheme to the concrete walls, creating cohesive look. The bed, in addition, is also unique and rarely found at other places. The homeowner is genius by placing the L-shaped dresser nearest the one of bed’s points. And look at the floor lamps, they’re so adorable!

Really comfortable – a handmade round platform bed frame with the best natural material. The bed promisingly replaces your old bed and you’ll enjoy the difference. The additional curvy headboard is also becoming a focal point as well as the comfort maker.

The most elegant bedroom I’ve ever seen. Red and black here complete each other, creating luxurious and classy scheme combination. Not only that, all pieces here (stainless steel bedside table, round wall mirror, and round bed) exactly perform a special characteristic that then makes this space so gorgeous.

Round platform bed with queen headboard. One thing that makes this bed more interesting is the headboard which is made in curvy shape. Not only offers the comfort, the headboard also takes role as a direct interest. With this bed plus superb comfortable blanket, it’s possible to invite everyone to fall asleep here.

Fairly white and simply clean lines in look. To make it more obvious, add pop-blue throw pillows to this bed and then see the difference.

This comfy round bed frame is designed to meet the owner’s unique lifestyle. The designer says that both design and character has been inspired by fashion world seen through the details and material choice.

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