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Wall Mounted Dresser Idea With Two White Sinks Two Stainless Steel Water Faucets Two Frameless Mirrors Two Black Wall Mounted Shelving Units Small White Bathroom Mat
Navy Blue Floating Dresser Idea With White Top And Single Sink Plus Faucet Large Shower Space With Half Way Frameless Glass Panel And Wall Mounted Showerhead Fixture
Floating Dresser Design Idea In Black With Single Black Sink And Stainless Steel Water Faucet Larger Mirror Without Frame Round Black Leather Ottoman
Wooden Floating Dresser Idea With Some Decorative Items On Its Top
Floating Dresser Idea In Dark Brown Color With A Pair Of White Sinks And Faucets A Pair Of Frameless Mirrors
Floating Dresser In Glossy White And In Modern Minimalist Style
Floating Dresser In Blue With A Pair Of Sinks And Faucets Large Mirror Without Frame Some Units Of Vanity Lighting Fixtures
Mini Floating Dressser In White Large Frameless Mirror With Many LED Ball Lamps A Chair With Metal Base And Headrest Medium Sized Grey Shag Rug Idea Large Transparent Glass Vase With Stone Filler
Floating White Dresser Idea Unique Rocking Chair White Shaggy Rug White Wall Shelving Units For Storing Books And Magazines
White Floating Dresser With Wood Top White Thicky Shag Area Rug An Elephant Picture With White Frame

Feel confused when you see your clothes closet organizer is almost full with your stuffs? Don’t be panic because wall-mounted dresser is ready to cover that matter. A wall-mounted dresser is one of storage solutions you can applied for re-organize your stuffs, especially the wardrobes. The storage is smaller than traditional closer organizer and it is attached on wall. Such installation, of course, is so smart for saving the space. Floating or wall-mount installation also looks so gorgeous and modern.

Wall-mounted dresser consists of storage space such as drawer and cabinet. It also can be used to keep your make up property and accessories you love. To complete the functionality, a wall-mounted dresser should have a mirror and vanity light fixtures. With these feature addition, you will get the ultimate result when using your new dresser.

Well, the materials used to create the series of wall-mounted dresser vary; and solid wood becomes the convenient one that’s perfect for building this storage unit. How about the color? Just choose the color scheme you love because there are tens color options applied on wall-mounted dresser products. The colors can be neutral, fun, and earthy color tones. But make sure that your choice suits your room style and decor.

Well, to see more the samples of wall-mounted dresser designs, here we share some may attract you. Please, check these out.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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