Wall Texture Interior Plays Beyond the Outlook

Do you know how to make your interior looks different and much more adorable? Playing with furniture choice is not enough to give special touch into it. Sometimes, going crazy with several new ideas is best for transforming the whole outlook. For instance, you can start the renewal with wall texture, actually it is a concrete wall texture that will appear in vintage rustic appeal in your interior. Do you want it? Yeah, let’s start the show!

It is actually an ordinary bathroom idea that nests in the middle of a home interior, but the dark concrete textured wall brings different feeling into the vibe. It appears bit in gothic idea, and the pink bathtub added seems to fight with super cute adorable tone. Finally, great combination is just achieved perfectly!

Hence, it brings colorful outlook in several footage renovation idea. of course, it involves bright color like soft blue in the bathroom with wonderful textured concrete wall idea. the beige tone of the furniture inside is just matching to the light tone applied on the wall.

Starting to go to Morrocco is not been too late right now because everyday is just as exotic as being there with adorable caramel tone textured wall idea. aside, the stripe patterned sofa beneath gives the real feeling of living in a country with thousands bright and brave tone!

Meanwhile, in a vintage interior design, ombre gray wall texture must be the one distributing the most atmophere. It calms the whole look and feeling just in a touch, and the result is truly surprising! It is clasily luxurious!

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