Watercolor Art Finds for Interiors of Home

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Just few people know about the splash art commonly made of watercolor. Like other common art kinds, the watercolor splash art delivers beauty and uniqueness. We don’t have to go to gallery to find this art because the watercolor splash art can be a practical artwork in home design and architecture. Take a look at the wall treat, furniture and fabric styling, and even the floor decals. We often find such watercolor splash art on those interior pieces. For more watercolor splash art applications, here we’ve collected some to you. Let’s check this out.

Painted in shabby, the wall offers a stunning background for all bedroom furniture pieces. Cloud-like visual effect is amazingly created by artsy watercolor technique. The result visually matches with the concept and indirectly adds a beachy yet masculine vibe.

Make you be the soul with full of spirit everyday just with this stunning wall treat, a mural made of watercolor. In visualization, the wall looks so energizing and inviting, creating a huge appeal to always come over this place. Combined with comfy furniture set and bed linens, this place is the most perfect for me-time for hours.

Update your bedroom just with such a stylish and fun duvet cover set. Spring floral motifs start your project. In visualization, the duvet cover is gorgeous and artsy, full of pop of colors that bring a fresh look to your bedroom.

This is called the actual artsy wall mural. The mural is simply the watercolor and it’s just made by splashing out some pop of colors on the clean ‘canvas’ of wall. The patterns are unshaped yet beautifully artistic. The color choice, in addition, absolutely suits the elements existing in the bedroom, including the bed treatment and furniture.

Look so cloudy but amazingly overlooked for a breakfast nook’s backdrop. This wall mural is designed to evoke beauty and relaxation in visual way, and this is one of instant alternative to transform your old room into the most inviting, artsy, and modern one.

Very bold, this wall mural is able to make this bedroom visually more interesting and artistic, even potentially being a direct focal point of room. The furniture choice that is dominated with raw wooden leads the rustic concept.

Artsy decal for dressing. With spring floral motifs, the decal offers you a stunning vintage piece to your home.

Picturing of landscape, this drawing system looks so gorgeous with the watercolor art. It slightly exposes a vintage appeal to this seating area and this piece of drawing system seems matching when featuring such a classic chair slipcover, really describing the grandma’s interior idea.

Give a vintage punch to your room with this versatile dressing piece. Overall design is simple yet presenting a vintage focal point, and about the colors, they’re low-intense toned ones as they are just the watercolors. When set rightly with white brick walls, this piece of storage solution effectively will create a chic interior look.

Another idea of simple yet artistic watercolor art on the furniture. This one is the lightest one as it just involves the lowest-intense of color hues covering up the base part of furniture.

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