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Briliant Window Seats With Storage For Home Ideas Together With Cute Pattern Decorated With Book Cabinet Drawer Aside
Minimalist Window Seats Completed With Storage Made Of Wood Combined With Book Shelf
Window Seats With Storage With Amazing Design Adorned With Blue Cushions And Book Case Above The Cabinets Plus Awesome Wooden Floor
Most Cozy Bay Window With Sectional Window Seats With Storageand Decorative Cushions Plus Wooden Floor
Playful Home Decoration With Window Seats With Storage Completed With Orange Upholstery  And Green Cushion With Double Table Lamps Plus Cool Bay Windows
Effortless Window Seats With Storage And Cozy Uoholstery And Decorative Cushions And Wooden Floor
Small Room Ideas With Window Seats With Storage Completed With Bedding Set Plus Wall Scones And Bed Under Guded
Amazing Window Seats With Storage For Bay Windows With Dark Upholstery And Comfy Cushion Together With Comfy Chair And Ottoman Plus Dark Solid Wood Floor
Window Seats With Storage In Dining Room In Blue And Florals Pattern Plus Adorned With Window Valances
Adorable Window Seats With Storage In Linier Shape Plus Comfy Upholstery And Decorative Cushion And Amazing Wooden Floor And Fireplace

Having a window seats with storage is a good way to have a spot in your home to sit while looking at the scenery outside. For your inspiration, here are several pictures of window seats with storage that gonna mesmerize you.

You can decorate the window seats with storage in your window such as a bay window. In this case, you can choose a white wooden bench which is combined with brown upholstery on its top. To get more comfy appearance, don’t forget to put several cushions or blanket.

If you want to add an extra seating, you can arrange an armchair with an ottoman aside your window seat. It looks adorable.

Alternatively, you can decorate a white window seats with storage with light upholstery colors. For example, you can orange upholstery with green and white cushions. Thus, your room décor appear fresher and more alive.

For accessories, you can put table lamps on your window seat. Thus, your simple window seat looks sophisticated than before.

For you who have a linear hung window, you can choose a rectangular window seat with 3 drawers beneath. Then, put comfy grey upholstery on its top for simple outlook. The last, arrange some decorative cushions on the window seats with storage so that you will be more contended to sit in.

If there is still an extra space, you can put a small dresser next to the seat. Thus, you can decorate your books and other stuff on its drawer.


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