Window Shades Ikea: Effective Protection for Your Furniture

One effective and easy window treatment is applying windows shades. For those who think that a combination of curtains and blinds is too much, window shades offer softer visual appearance. Using windows would not only take care of the indoor effect of the products but also considering health and environment as well. One of which is protecting from sun’s harmful UV rays which can be exceptionally dangerous to our skin. In addition to this, window shades will also protect everything inside your house or room. As a leading home furnishing products company, ikea offers various features and designs options of window shades.

Roller window shades ikea are the basic pull-down rolling shades which are relatively cheap but can be shabby and tricky to use. On the other hands, roman shades which are very popular, have good insulation features and sections for simple usage. Pleated shades, also known as cellular shades, offer extra insulation as well. Although many people turn their heads, hard window shades are excellent for light control and energy efficiency. You can have wood grain, bamboo shades or wood-woven shades for a softer appearance.

One of good window shades ikea is the white Scottish pleated shades. These shades are easy to put to window frame without any drilling needed. You can also easily cut them into your preferred size. In terms of cleaning, you can evenly vacuum them using soft brush or clean with a dust fabric. Washing, bleaching, dry tumbling, and ironing are completely not recommended. These window shades ikea are made from polyester and polypropylene for their plastic parts.


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