Decorating Ideas to Window Treatments for Casement Windows

Casement windows are types of windows which are installed to its frame by side hinges. They are commonly used alone or in pairs within a regular frame and hinged on the outside. Casement windows are said to be suitable for hot climates since they offer natural ventilation benefit. They are helpful in directing breeze into building as the opened sash will act as shaft. To maximize the benefits of your casement windows both practically and aesthetically here are several tips in decorating window treatments for casement windows.

The first suggestion is related to the covering material chosen. Shades with heavy material are not suitable for casement windows. You can go for simple inside mounted roman shades or blinds which can be pulled up to open the window to the outside. Hanging several simple sheers at ceiling height is advantageous to enhance privacy since they will mask the windows without closing. The next thing you can do to add decorative touch to your casement windows is putting a window film. You can also choose window wallpaper coming with wide range of options meeting your expected privacy level.

Another tip to window treatments for casement windows is by using mullions in order to add old world appeal to your plain glass pane. You can customize the casement windows at ease by searching for DIY tutorials on how to make and install wood mullions on your own. You will be also exposed with various kits to do this project that will make it easier for you to attach window panes with strips and connectors which can be cut at ease.


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