Window Valance for Sliding Door that will Present Mesmerizing Outlook in Your Home Decorating Ideas

A sliding door will appear more beautiful with the presence of window treatment such as installing window valance on its top. Yeah, window valance will provide you beautiful window treatment finish without hindering the movement traffic of the door.

There are several window valances sold in furniture stores that you can use to embellish your sliding door. For example, you can pick a flat valance in which the design and the style are very simple but it gives valuable accent to the room.

Another type of window valance is the box pleat valance which offers the simplicity as well as the flat valance. The difference is that the box plat valance has at least an inverted pleat decorated on its top hem.

Again, the casual valance that you can use to beautify your sliding door is the gathered valance which is made by sewing a pocket into the top of the valance. The gathered valance is usually patched on the outside of the sliding door by using a curtain rod rather than the bracket.

For the colors, it can be chosen based on your personal taste; whether you want to present the highlight or neutral color scheme. You can also match the window valance with your room schemes in order to get the perfect color combination.

In addition, you can combine the window valance with other window covering in order to add visually impressive accent. For example, you can pair it with a panel curtain or drapery in an attractive motif or shade.


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