Wood Light Fixtures: Must Have-Collection Needs to Save in Your Wishlist

industrial desk lamp with wood frame and metallic headlamp Pinterest

As the recycled and eco-friendly materials, wood is always popular and becoming the best alternative used by most home designers and architects to build any kinds of signature works. Wood has character naturally brought by its color, texture, pattern, and even shape. Any kinds of wood products can be used as the pieces that add a personality to any rooms also emphasize the owner’s unique style. Wood lighting fixtures are just a few of beautiful wood products we want to share about today. We have ten best and most inspiring wood lighting fixtures that hopefully will inspire you or even be new references for your next home projects. Well, join with us right now, and let’s check this out.

It’s awesome when our home is accented with such a creative and beautiful wood desk lamp. It’s like a wood tower with burlap-lampshade cover. The light effect is dimmer and warmer when it’s on. The wood finish connects it to Scandinavian style.

Wood desk lamp in industrial style. Sure, it’s a perfect office opening gift. Designed in industrial style, the lamp looks so masculine, built from solid wood for the structure and metallic headlamp. When the lamp is used, the produced light will focus only on targeted area.

Unique. This floor lamp is built from four wood boxes that expose a high-skill hand-crafted piece of natural wood. Each box is placed in different position to reflect unique track of light, giving you a different light experience.

Prismatic triangle wooden lamp – this light source offers contemporary look, indirectly also add a personality and style to any rooms.

Half-hexagon wood lamp – a perfect option for any desks such as bedside table, working desk, or even the side table. It’s simply made of half-hexagon shaped wood panel filled with recessed double-LED bars that illuminate the inner part of that half-hexagon. Creative.

Light up your workspace with this cool Pyramid lamp. The lamp is portable, so you can move it anywhere you want, a perfect piece for you who are mobile to look for the coziest spot for studying or working.

Nordic wall-mounted wood lamps in modern industrial style. These pieces of light fixtures can be perfect options for Nordic feature addition. The frame is the combination of wood and iron that exactly defining a sturdy, firm, and durable structure.

DIY tree trunk lamp with twisted cable and three bulbs


If you love doing the trials of making something creative by yourself, try this one, a DIY wood lamp with a medium-size tree trunk as the basic material. It’s easy to make; just twist the cable around the trunk and put some electric bulbs in each targeted spots. Hang the trunk up and be proud of having such an inexpensive and creative light source.

Ultra-minimalist and light. The overall design is clean line, less of additional features. The pendants just consist of LED and light wood lampshade cover.

Superbly cool, a creative floor lamp shaped in giant pencil. The power cord is on the pencil’s tip, while the pencil’s eraser is the LED. Make it a statement by putting it the corner of living room.

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