10 DIY Planter Ideas Really Easy To Make

concrete planter in white with colorful clay petals for the accents Pinterest

It must be fun to deal with all about creativity. We can maximize our creativity we have to create something useful, beautiful, and of course satisfying ourselves. For home, for instance, there are so many things that actually can be produced only with our creativity, and they must be more precious if we’ve made them by our hands. The project of making DIY planters for house plants are just the one of the examples how we use our creativity to produce a wide range of beautiful, easy, and low-cost DIY planters. See our collections of DIY planters and be ready to get inspired.

Pineapple planter. This planter is so cute and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Based on size and design, the planter is quite perfect for suculents. Put the planters on the window’s inner side or just make them as the centerpiece of your coffee table.

Be more creative with stuffs you don’t use anymore. This beautiful planter, for example, is just made of the rolls of ropes accented with colorful handmade tassels. Make a collaboration by featuring this DIY planter with other existing planters. This surely will add a Boho touch to your space.

Really addictive – making such a beautiful DIY ‘basket’ for home. Just made of ropes, these baskets have stolen my heart. I really like the patterns that are manually made by skillful hands. Its rich color also automatically adds Boho charm to all space.

The tassels are the direct accents and you’ve just found the beautiful accents on the stated wicker planters. This means now you’ve seen a doubled-beautiful creativity only on these two fantastic planters.

Crushed can planters for the room’s statement. This idea is unbelievable because you just need some of crushed cans as the basic material. Fill the cans with fertile soils and plant off your favorite suculents and let them grow up.

This seasonally planter idea is lovable. Everyone must like it. Maybe this is the easiest idea to make a DIY planter with spring and Easter theme. The planters are simply made by half-crushed egg shells. We can grow the ornate grass or other small house plants up inside the shells, then just hang them up or just put them in any spots you like the most.

Reuse the ice cream sticks by transforming them into a beautiful and usable planter. These rainbow stick planters are just the few examples we want to share to you. The color gradation of course makes the planters much more stated and stunned.

Basket with pom pom. It’s also recommended to use this fun basket as your new planter. Let the pom pom give texture and poppy colors to your space.

Actually this is just a concrete planter but the designer has added lots of colorful clay petals for the accents. The colors obviously bring fun look, a perfect choice for a chic or Scandinavian touch.

Wood cloth clips can also be optimized in use just making them as a creative planter idea. How to make it? So easy and it’s low budget. Use a low-cut can as the base of planter and start to clip the wood cloth clip on the edge of cut-can. Make the clip arrangement in vertical-circle. Next, fill the can with fertile soils and put the plants on it. Don’t forget to keep watering them regularly for the best result.

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