Advantageous Roman Shades outside Mount


Roman shades are beautiful pieces of window treatment which offer both practical and visual appeal functions. These classic shades have been used for decades and still become many homeowner favorites due to their timeless style. Roman shades can bring softness to the windows compared to stiff wood blinds. Nowadays they are available in various styles and colors even though fundamentally they reflect the same basic trait. The following are consideration over the location of your roman shades mount.

After your purchase, you usually have to face installation step. Roman shades are pretty easy to be installed without asking professional hands. The first thing to decide is the location of your roman shades attachment whether using inside or outside mount. For some reasons roman shades outside mount will be advantageous. Small windows particularly will get benefit from roman shades outside mount since they can give larger look by enhancing the intersection surrounding the window frame.

Furthermore, roman shades outside mount will be perfect way to cover any window flaws such as horrible frame, glass or molding. This choice will cost you a lot cheaper than getting a whole new window. Outside mount is also a great choice when you have narrow or has obstacles inside the window frame. If you want to hide your window trim then roman shades outside mount should be your preference. Another great advantage of roman shades outside mount is their function of blocking the light way better than inside mount roman shades which means you get better privacy as well.


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