Brutalism Interior Decorating Ideas: Look Rigid, Manly, yet Elegant

Brut style bedroom idea heavy concrete walls and ceilings giant square shape glass window with hardwood frame modern floor lamp Pinterest

Maybe just few people ever heard about brutalisme architecture. Brutalism architecture is actually an architecture style that produces a new architecture movement. It begins popular in 1950-1970’s; introduced by Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The sort of brutalism is originally from French Beton brut meaning raw concrete.

Generally, brutalism-style constructions are inspired by geometric, blockish, or all repeated shapes without ornaments. Not all brutalism-constructions are made of raw concrete; there are a few of them are constructed from other kind of heavy materials such as heavy steel, brick, and hard stone. A construction can have brutalism quality simply through hard and heavy material choice. Well, we really sure that our readers really want to know more about this style and how to implement it in current days. Here, we just shared ten great ideas of brutalism home decorating ideas probably would be your inspiration. Just scroll the page down and be ready to get a big surprise.

Concrete expo looks obvious in texture, but the glass window paneling brings modern touch. The collaboration of these two materials, of course, still emphasizes the Brut (Brutalism) concept – the style that’s showcasing a heavy architecture idea.

The space is dominated by glass paneling but we’ve found concrete finish in ceilings and floors even though in different type of finishing. It would seem so perfect if we furnish this space with something clean-line and simple to create a modern and minimalist appeal.

Mix heavy red bricks-concrete finishing – these two materials definitely have character of texture. They’re apparently heavy-look in architecture. Here, the designer wants to show more the simple-modern facade through each design of staircase, floor, and wall. At glance, the entire interior facade seems manly look.

An ultramodern living room with exposed Brut-infused appeals. Brut style is obviously showcased by heavy steel interior staircase. The designer brilliantly combines this heavy metal finish with wood pallets to give a warm look and to reduce the sense of rigid look previously presented by steel.

Still about the exposed concrete; this bathroom feels so elegant and cozy even though there are less color shades involved to. Personally, we really love the color combination: light gray- white crisp. The colors give light, airy, and minimal look. The curtains give more dramatic feel.

One of most recognizable characters of Brutalism architecture is there is geometric implementation, especially about the shape. Like this idea, there is a giant square-shape window in bedroom and it beautifully framed with hardwood – displaying a well-planned & symmetric look in space. This is what Brutalsim style wants to tell.

What’s about the exterior? The designer uses the similar concept: inserting geometric shapes into the Brut-style exterior like this one. The difference is most Brut-designers love exposing warmer feel that can be visually accessed from outside. Just through these square-shaped glass windows, the coziness & warm-feel interior space exactly could be seen by everyone. Perfect!

The real Brutalism architecture – every single part of exterior presents heavy materials what Brutalism idea says. Here, we clearly find heavy & rigid steel as the main construction and it’s supported by piles of small stones for base. There are some glass windows as the building connecter – at least giving a different look viewing something lighter.

Minimalist Brutalism kitchen idea with glows of gold-finish. Just give a little bit touch of gold tone to make this space more elegant and colored.

ultra modern Brutalism interior with huge glass window a set of furniture facing at outside an arrangement of chairs


Inspiring! This is one of Gallo-Roman Museum’s rooms that clearly displayed Brutalism interior decorating idea. Overall design is so futuristic showcased by window shape choice and glass panel on it. The layout of furnishing pieces also supports this concept (there is a package of furniture is set facing out the view outside; it feels like in Star Wars movie).

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