Built-In Cabinets around Fireplace, Give Special Accent to A Fireplace Mantel

Built-in cabinets around fireplace offer different look for fireplace mantel. The cabinets not only have a role as the useful storage, but they also give special accent to your room. Just compare before and after you put the built-in cabinets around the fireplace. That must be so different. The room, especially around the fireplace mantel, will be more eye-catching than before.

Built-in cabinets around fireplace can be used as the book storage where you organize your books collections and decorative items. As the bookshelf, these built-in cabinets near the fireplace will be most strategic and best spot for reading. You just need to put a comfy reading chair around the fireplace. Feel the warm and comfort while reading your favorite book.

Besides the bookshelf and decorative items organizer, built-in cabinets can also be used as the media stand. If most homeowners put their TV set above the fireplace mantel, you will be the pioneer who places your TV on the built-in cabinets around the fireplace building.

It’s optional whether you will use the cabinets with glass door panels, no door, or sliding door panels. There are so many options of cabinet designs displayed in the furniture and storage outlets. You just choose which one cabinet that will be used your built-in cabinets around fireplace.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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