Greatest Medieval Home Decor Ideas: Classic with Powerful Tone, Texture, and Shape

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Sometimes we get inspire about the medieval decor style from our favorite TV show like Game of Thrones and make it as the main theme of home interiors. Before we share how to apply the Medieval decor style in home, let’s get to know about this style first.

Medieval decor style is particular decor idea that’s happening between the Middle Ages. During that time, most constructions were affected by Gothic architecture with pointed roofs, flying supports, and linear vaults as the main features; and these features are commonly used in churches, castles, cathedrals, and abbeys in Europe.

Actually it isn’t hard to add a little Mideaval touch to your home. Just put these essentials: rug, antique copper kitchenware, metal lighting fixture, sturdy furnishing piece, and chained accessory as the highlights. Stoned wall doesn’t have to fill your home; it’s okay if you want to panel your home with natural wood for more modern look. One thing needs to point out: the color must be rich and deep for a real Medieval construction.

You can infuse Medieaval idea into your design like in this chair. We can still find modern touches in the chair like the color and striped wallpaper paneling it.

Gothic-inspired bed with canopy and four post additions. The lovely white bed-drapery adds dramatic focal point, offering an obvious contrast over the black wrought iron bed’s structure. Look at the bed’s tower; it seems like a hilarious castle.

Pointed vaulted still be favorite. The designer combines it with ultra modern touches like whitewashed finishes, exposed wood beams, and clear glass panelings.

Metal finishing completes the Medieval-inspired home decor. This copper bathtub, for instance, brings the main character of Medieval style. Just Feature it with black-wrought chandelier to provide the sufficient light.

medieval dining furniture idea grand window curtains with textural color hues


Medieval dining furniture is identical with a big-party dining table featuring more numbers of chairs. The furniture also loves color and texture details beautifully exposed through handmade carvings.

Through the finishings, material, textural color, and accessories, we want to reveal that the space uses Medieval style as the main influence. The most unique thing that there is Moroccan touches on it (decorative handmade-carvings on wall’s top and the area rug).

Simple and minimalist – modern kitchen design with a bit Medieval inspiration. Concrete-finish wall and kitchen counter are closer to Medieval value, but the designer adds wood element to give modern appeal. Based on long-lined design and kitchenware, of course we’ve recognized so many details of modern appliances.

Complete your Medieval home decor idea with this feastware collection. There are so many options of feastware product giving you the chance to act like an individual that’s living in Medieval age.

Brilliant Medieval-style front door – extraordinary door that showcases the details of shape. It really presents floral element, the same theme with the existing vines growing and climbing up the walls.

As real as a castle. Overall aspects: finishing, lighting, and material are intentionally selected for optimum Medieval-look exterior, but this smoother and lighter.

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