Mission Style Floor Lamps: When Traditional meets Contemporary Taste

Among various way to complement the interior design of your lovely house, floor lamps are recommended solutions. You will easily find wide range of floor lamps types and designs meeting your expected decoration plan. Mission style floor lamps’ design roots from the late 19th century period. Aside of floor lamps, these antique yet classic lamps are also available for LED lights, chandeliers, table lamps and many others. Mission style floor lamps offer you one complete package of chic room-saving storage and flexible lighting advantages. These are perfectly suitable for small living areas or tight corner at your house.

Mission style floor lamps sometimes feature wide wood finish end table base which is sufficient for books, newspaper, magazines and other things to be put on. The slender forms of mission style floor lamps come with adaptable arms making it possible for you to place them anywhere you wish meanwhile empire lamp shade offers a lovely and ambient shine. Mission style floor lamps are good solutions for those looking for piece of furniture that improves your house to be more gorgeous and visually pleasing.

Mission style floor lamps combine traditional and contemporary elements creating an everlasting appearance with stylish design. They are definitely attention-grabbing complementary furniture which definitely will be well integrated well to any houses’ styles and decors. Hand-crafted stained glass is among favorite feature of mission style floor lamps which are capable in increasing brightness in your house with attractiveness and sophistication. Mission style floor lamps are suitable to be placed in any rooms such as bedroom, living room, dining room even in your kitchen adding that traditional yet modern vibes surrounding the room.

Reference: www.1800lighting.com

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