Modern Bread Boxes for Contemporary Kitchen

Do you need a box for breads that suit your contemporary kitchen? Then, you can check it out some simple but modern bread boxes here. They are Eva Solo bread bin, Belgian Brabantia bread box, Armadillo Bread Bin, and Guzzini bread box.

The Eva Solo bread bin has a wonderful design that works well in your contemporary kitchen. This modern bread bin uses a stainless steel and flexible plastics. Because it is lined with a flexible synthetic material, it keeps your breads, crackers, and spices fresh.

Brabantia bread boxes with fall front fingerprint-proof and matt steel are recommended because of the high quality that will keep your breads fresh for longer. It has large capacity for two loaves. It is also made of steel plate with Gaflan coating. In addition, on the back of the box, it is provided with hanging eyes. Another modern bread box by Brabantia is Brabantia bread box with metal chrome and roll top model. It has a vintage style with its size 17.5” x 10” x 7”. The white color of the bread box looks elegant and modern.

While the boxes above have simple, elegant, and modern looks, the Armadillo bread bin is a work of art. The form of the bin looks like a soldier’s armor. This modern looks of Armadillo bread bin will offer style and class to your kitchen or dining table. The other bread box for modern kitchen accessories is the Guzzini bread box. The Guzzini that looks sleek and modern is also a good choice with many various colors.


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