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Ectangular Sisal Rug Open Porch Brown Furniture Bronze Table Green Yard
Ballard Design Diamond Sisal Rug Bold Brown Floor Grey Sisal Rug
Round Sisal Rug Ikea Classic White Living Room White Furniture Decorative Fruit Wooden Floor
Rectangular Sisal Rug Ikea Soft Peach Cushions And Bedsheet Wooden Floor Simple Girly Bedroom
Sisal Rug Ikea Close Up Natural Color Rug Wooden Floor
Rectangular Sisal Rug Ikea Natural Stone Floor Living Room Wooden Furniture Decorative Blue Vas
Rectangular Sisal Rug Ikea Pastel Classic Living Room Beige Furniture Antique Hanging Candles
Round Jute Sisal Rug Ikea Small Dining Room Set Red Dining Chairs Small Black Dining Table Decorative Dining Tools Wooden Floor
Sisal Rug Ikea Detail Soft Ivory Living Room Sofa Natural Wooden Floor
Sisal Rug Ikea Simple Modern Living Room Wooden Tables Grey Sofas Grey Yellow Cushions Decorative Flower

Ikea is a multinational company offering wide range of home furnishing products at affordable prices to many people. Ikea products are knows for a combination of function, quality, design and value making them popular choices among buyers. Rugs are among popular available items at Ikea since people start to consider rugs as important useful yet decorative pieces of home furniture. With various options of rugs from sizes, materials and motives, sisal rugs are perfect selections for those complementing their eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Sisal rugs ikea are woven from natural plant fibers such as hemp, jute or coir. Featured with resilience and durability, sisal rugs are both beautiful and strong and completely suitable for any room’s decoration. Moreover with its natural stain resistance, sisal rugs are perfect for high traffic spaces such as hallways. Nevertheless, sisal rugs which are made from organic material, are not suitable for wet areas like kitchen or bathroom since they can develop water stains.

Osted is the best product among sisal rugs Ikea. Come in natural color options, this sisal rug from Ikea is definitely durable due to its sisal fiber material. Furthermore, its polyester edging makes it last longer and sturdy. This sisal rug Ikea can be used by both sides with totally same appearance on the both sides which offers even longer usage. In terms of cleaning, Osted sisal rug Ikea can be regularly vacuumed and rotated without rubbing any existing wet spots. You can simply absorb wetness with paper towels and clean the sisal rug with a moist fabric and mild detergent.


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