Twelve Tricks To Welcome Your Summer This Year, Potentially Becoming The Hottest Summer Home Decor Ideas 2019

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Summer will come soon, meaning that it’s time to figure out the new home decor for summer 2019. The decor ideas must be fresher than previous seasons; that’s why we have to consider a summer decor home trend happening now. Let’s welcome the season with a series of decor ideas that can brighten and warm up every inch of home.

From simple to playful splash of colors, there are many options of home decors for summer you can pick up for your home. Also, you have attractive patterns and furniture options that might fit your personal style. Let’s take a look at the ideas you should consider when starting to try out the best home decor ideas for summer 2019.

Splashes of vibrant colors are simple yet effective to bring the feel of summer. You can have such a beautiful watercolor mural for a summer statement. It definitely displays saturated and bright color shades. Interestingly, you don’t need to add any summer highlights if you have this.

Make a change and start taking the animal prints as your next summer home decor idea. It’s a perfect option as it can transfer the animal spirit and energy of wilderness & outdoor to your home. Leopard becomes the chosen one since it’s unique and textured in visual. Don’t make it overlooked and keep being minimalist. Try harder to make the space keeps clean and modern.

Embrace the summer vibe with lighted, airy, and bright decor idea. One best way to get this idea is by switching the dark wood finish to fresh white wood finish. Or it’s also great idea to invest some white drapes or throws instead of dark-toned chairs or sofas. This idea of course is effective to give the space a bright boost and makes it visually larger.

bold and colorful floral tile backsplash marble countertop wooden cabinets


To break up a boring look, it needs to involve bright and bold patterns in your summer home decor, allowing the space gets the splash of summery look. Florals and geometrics are two best pattern options that can make your space more alive.

Or, for minimal look, get some patterns sourced from muted color shades like pastels for your new home decor.

Yellow is the dominant color of summer and it’s commonly used for any home elements including the furniture. Choose one of best yellow variants, starting from the softest to boldest one to produce a stunning tone.

Macrame wall hanging now becomes the hottest trend in home design. It’s artsy and beautiful, instantly giving a modern Boho touch to any interiors. It’s optional to garnish your interiors with such a crafty macrame. You can use it as the cushion cover, plant pot holder, and table runner. Spice up your interiors with this exotic summer trend.

Vivid front door is the next target which needs to get more attention in welcoming summer this year. Make it overlooked by coating it off with bold color shades such as yellow, green, pink, or red. This idea completely will make the door panel and everything around seem so alive and eye-striking.

To welcome summer of the year, it’s time to replace heavy window curtains with the lighter and airier ones to allow the summer sunshine passes through your space. This kind of window treatment, of course, is effective to block the sunlight when it’s too hot and keep the space bright and warm.

Create an outdoor sitting area and make it as your paradise to curl up with a cool drink in your hand and a favorite book in another hand. This must be the most fun idea to spend your summer holidays at home. If you want a simple sitting nook, how about a hammock chair or a swing? It’s a good idea to try out. Add a throw pillow or cushion for more comfortable seat.

sweet pink floor cushion modern geometric runner with fringed tassels


Create an informal sitting area only consisting of a vibrant rug and comfy floor cushions. This idea is absolutely a perfect choice to have relaxing moments during summer.

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