Various Types of Bed Frames

Aside of its major function to support box spring and mattress, bed frames can also acts as main style statement of the entire bedroom. Parts of bed frame namely headboards, footboards and canopies may enhance decorative values of a bedroom. Since approximately one third of people’s time spent in bed, selecting a right bed frame is crucial. Prior to the purchase, there are several considerations to follow since various types of bedroom frames available can be confusing for some people.

The first thing to consider is which bedroom that the bed frame will be placed into. Whether it is a master bedroom, guess bedroom or kid’s bedroom. People usually choose fancier bed frame for master bedroom since they expect more comfortable and relaxing retreat. For kid’s bedroom you can choose bunk beds to save space. Matching the bed frame size and the available space is the next thing to think about. Furthermore you have to decide the style and material of the bed frame needed. Integrating these two aspects with the entire design of the bedroom is essential for visual appearance. The last important thing to be also considered is the budget that should be decided prior to the purchase. Bigger bed frame will definitely cost higher price.

There are various types of bed frames available in the market. If you are looking for the cheapest and easiest to move piece you can go for adjustable metal frames. Bunk beds frame with ladder can be the perfect option for kids as they usually enjoy them. For more decorative element and warmer sleeping space the canopy beds can be chosen. When you looking for multi-function feature, a captain’s bed frame offers storage space under the mattress that can be strongly considered. Meanwhile mission style bed frame can add a clean and simple look to a bedroom with straight up wooden lines headboards or footboards. Lastly, platform bed frame which is low to the ground can be an option for cheaper design that still can give contemporary look for a bedroom.


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