10 Chic Bedroom Designs On The Floors

warm white duvet cover with red line accents white knitted runner with colorful accents potted houseplant wood side table for the greenery Pinterest

Putting the bed directly on the floors often looks like a mess or an accident, meaning that this is not ideal when you want to decorate your bedroom based on the best version and most ideal design. Yet, with Bohemian concept, this idea sounds acceptable even it’s gonna be a minimalist and practical. Many experts say this idea is also a pet-friendly. Well, if you want to try this idea for your bedroom and need more inspirations, luckily I’ve collected the best ones for you, and here are the favorites.

Sleek and stylish. The comforter feels so comfortable since it’s made from the finest cotton. Colored in sun-washed finish, the comforter is visually warm and cheerful. The tone also brings a beautiful contrast when combined with white and wood color.

Unlike the previous product, this floor-bed idea is completed with a bolder comforter for a color accent. White interior supported with white concrete walls and white shag rug makes the comforter and lines beautifully contrasting. Add a crochet throw blanket for the decorative linen.

Look at the duvet cover’s details. There are the fringed tassels along the edges, adding a Boho touch. This absolutely fits the deep blue crochet rug that’s decorated with smooth tassels on the edges.

Add a masculine vibe with the color choice. Black with the texture may be the best solution for this. It’s simple yet mature in visual way. It’s also stylish and modern, well recommended for men rooms. Add a modern Boho touch as the room statement like this vintage rug with tassels.

For calmer yet still warmer-feel, white and gray are the perfect combination to fill your floor-bedroom design. A tripod-floor lamp here looks interesting. It infuses Asian style through the lampshade application apparently like a traditional light lantern in China and Japan.

warm white duvet cover with red line accents white knitted runner with colorful accents potted houseplant wood side table for the greenery


Full of fun colors, this is a perfect choice for girls rooms where it expresses the young, energetic, and cheerful soul. The colors are well applied on duvet cover and runner, providing more comfort only through the linens. The potted houseplant also gives a vivid and fresh element to this room, offering another positive vibe for relaxing atmosphere.

Warm, soft, and versatile. This is what we see in this bed set. Finished in pale pink, the bedding treatment is visually girly but it also looks luxurious and elegant. After combined with a Boho rug (with the tassels), all linens are beautiful with subtle texture brought by the classic patterns on rug.

Low-profile bed frame can be another solution for floor-bedroom design. Use the wider bed frame for more space and add a Boho throw for a focal point of room. The wood element here visually adds a natural touch as well as a stylish look.

Pom-fringes on duvet cover and pillow covers simply add Boho style, while the round-shaped crochet rug here is just the floor ornament, being an instant way to update this floor-bedroom.

Redecorate your new bedroom design based on your personal style. The floor-bookshelf here surely adds a personal touch particularly for book lovers. Simply place the shelf beside the bed to make you easier to grab your most favorite book.

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