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classic touch nursery room idea classic metal baby crib white bedding treatment fun wallpaper wood board floors blue side table Decorfacil

Baby Girl Nursery Room Idea Pink Area Rug Animal Stuff Striped White Gray Wallpaper Gray Baby Crib With Pink Bed Treatment
Modern Chic Nursery Room Idea White Baby Crib Chic Colored Wallpaper Light Cream Bed Canopy's Draperies Animal Themed Area Rug
Classic Touch Nursery Room Idea Classic Metal Baby Crib White Bedding Treatment Fun Wallpaper Wood Board Floors Blue Side Table
Nautical Themed Baby Room Idea Nautical Themed Wall Decors Dark Wood Storage Solution Baby Pink Nursery Chair Dark Wood Baby Crib
Wooden Baby Crib With Animal Stuffs Open Shelves Made Of Wood With Animal Stuffs Hanging Decorative Stars And Moon
Simple Nursery Room Idea Simply Striped Wallpaper In White White Baby Crib Light Wood Floors Animal Themed Mat Simple Wood Side Tabel With Round Top
Floral Themed Nursery Room Tree Wallpaper With Animated Bird Decors Light Cream Bed Canopy's Curtains Light Cream Baby Crib White Bed Linen
Nursery Room With Multiple Colors And Patterns
Polka Dots Themed Nursery Room White Baby Crib With Polka Dots Bed Linen White Black Striped Area Rug Gold Polka Dots Wallpaper
Minimalist Nursery Room Light Wood Baby Crib Patterned Blanket Minimalist Artwork On Wall

When having a newborn, you don’t need to get heavy stress. Selecting the right themes, colors, and designs for your new baby nursery room aren’t easy. You have to make sure that the space is safe & comfortable. Visual-stimulating atmosphere also becomes one of the most important thing you need to decide. Why? This case absolutely will assist you in creating a good environment that’s always stimulating your baby. As result, the lovely baby will get the most advanced development optimally till his/ her golden ages.

In this opportunity, Homesfeed  has collected ten themes for baby rooms that will help you to choose. The options are designed for girls, boys, and gender-neutral, so here you can select the best one that fits your personal preference.

A piece of animal-themed artwork can be an accent for baby rooms. Put it on wall nearest the baby crib & nursery chair. The colors, of course, will help to stimulate the baby’s visual capability.

Animal stuffs are so precious for the baby. Add more animal stuffs to your baby crib but consider providing amount of space for the baby. Here, the animal stuffs are not only decorative, but also functional as the baby’s stimulating maker through the colors and textures.

Pick modern chic as the main theme and see how wonderful it is. This idea uses chic colors that visually make your baby & you feel comfortable. Light-schemed colors can be applied on the whole setting like the wallpaper, bed canopy’s drapes, furniture, and even the accessories.

Love classic vibe? It’s interested to put the classic things in your baby room. The classic metal baby crib, for example, definitely will be the interior accent. Complete the crib with comfy baby mattress for more classic look. Fabulous!

Add something cohesive in design, pattern, or tone. This blanket, for instance, fits the artwork hung on the wall. These pieces assist to create a minimalist look.

For the baby girl, it’s nice to add feminine touches to her room. Pink here works well when being combined with neutral tones like white and gray. The resulted look would be contrasted but really beautiful.

This space exposes a nautical appeal as the primary theme. Here we’ve found nets, boats, and starfish wall decors. Adventurous!

Have fun with the polka dots. Just use different tone to create more textural colors like this wallpaper and bed linen. These polka dots obviously give color schemes in this baby room. But if you like multiple patterns, the stripped area rug may want to add. Make sure that you’ve chosen the right color combination for a balanced & cohesive look.

Not all nursery rooms have the multiple colors, textures, and physical pieces. Sometimes, you just need the simplicity that will work best.

What a lovely baby room! Mom takes floral as the theme and puts trees for the wallpaper. More interestingly, the animated-birds on wallpaper bring more natural appeal in this room. It feels like getting much of floral scent when being here. The color choice is also designed as natural as possible to support the existed theme.

Get much visual stimulation for the baby just with these multiple color schemes & patterns. This idea indirectly teaches the baby about the tones of colors and patterns through the things existed in his/ her daily life.

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