10 High Ceiling House Ideas for Airy and Large-Visual Effects

modern rustic dining room higher ceilings with drop off custom panels skylights and wood beams Sullivan Building And Design Group

High ceiling house makes the space looks larger and more airy. They offer gigantic upper space for any room designs and styles. Interior of high ceiling house allows the owner to have more ideas of decors possibly put down in the upper space. Bigger or longer-hang pendants, for examples, seem perfect for this kind of space. In addition, the house with higher ceilings can also make every single space more dramatic in look. It also offers a different atmosphere.

In this opportunity, I would like to share ten ideas of high ceiling house, both interior and exterior, I have compiled from many online sources. Check them now and start getting inspired.

Patterned high ceilings – A great work that exposes the visible texture of beams. Accent it with another great piece like this chandelier.

This higher ceiling really simple yet interesting. It just showcases white classic framed by dark wood beams, a contrasting appeal that architecturally beautifies the upper space.

Clean line and white, two aspects exactly create a modern minimalist effect. This higher ceiling just has some recessed lamps as the complementary items, no other things installed on it. Simple and modern-oriented, I guess.

What a beautiful skylight! Angled skylights provide more intense natural light coming through the overall parts of space. This roof-light also creates an airy feeling. I really agree that this idea can be best recommendation for energy-efficient homes.

Frosted glass roofing featuring concrete beams – a great combination to build such a modern and stylish ceiling. They fits perfectly when collaborated with solid cherry flooring & entrance stairs, white subway tiles (on stairs’ walls), and glass windows. What a perfect interior!

High ceilings inserted with long glass-paneled skylight. The ceilings aren’t special but the skylight literally brightens this hallway. The overall ceilings and tiled walls really display a high-end modern design.

One and only. This wooden muxarabie ceiling definitely soften the rays of sunlight. They also aesthetically cover up this modern tub. So recommended for a semi-outdoor pool or bath.

modern kids playground with higher ceilings accented with tubular skylights green lemon chair dimmer black tiles flooring


Tubular skylights cover up the modern kids’ playground. These unique skylights are designed with dark surrounding. The multiple skylights are better than single one. They provide more intentional and functional light effect.

Higher ceilings with custom skylights and independent wood beams. They’re visually attractive and unique to implement. The skylights seemingly have a pair of hang window-like trims over the dining furniture set. The wood beams here play their role as the decorative items visibly displaying their natural appeal.

high arched ceiling bedroom with wood siding roof and solid wood supports drop leaf console table wood bed frame


High arched-ceiling for cabin. Really love the design and material. It’s echo-friendly, energy-efficient, and of course good for environment. All ceilings are built from wood siding and supported by solid wood bars. Its high peak doesn’t only give visual aesthetic, but also create an airy feel.

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