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Counting days to February and need to change something new in your home? At least there is a little change of interior pieces that probably you’ve been bored about. Luckily, here are interior trends need to try and you’ll get new texture, color, and even style that totally are going to get rid of your outdated pieces in your home. All trends are the designers’ recommendations, so you won’t be hesitated to apply these trends in your lovely home. Let’s continue scrolling to see those trends.

Skipped trend: all-white; new trend: moody & saturated color shades. In this year, moody tone is more interesting than all-white interiors we usually often see on Pinterest. All-white isn’t totally unattractive, but moody tone really makes everyone feel positive. You can start bringing the tones through fabrics or accessories.

Piece to skip: Bulb light fixture, trend to try: accent lighting. The accent lighting displays the value that’s more than beauty. It speaks more on graphic and architectural features. Another point is most accent lightings are simple-model pieces, all room kinds’ suit.

Use playful colors and just leave out of your worries about the bold colors. Bold wallpapers are the recommended options to add visual statement, and you can select any patterns and colors to get the layers of rich tone in your home. It’s up to you to grab classic floral or modern patterns for your home.

Consider dark moody tone instead of brightly yellow brass. Some designers agree that dark moody tone is effective to make the space interesting, and it allows us to add other possible colors and textures.

Just skip the chopped pillows and replace them with some planters. Do you believe that the houseplants can make your space more vividly and fresher? Of course this also makes the atmosphere more relaxing and inviting. Hanging plants sound more recommended as they make everyone’s eyes up.

Mural wallpapers are so happening today and modern people have fallen in love with these exotic wall ornaments. Murals could be the potential focal point if there is no other wall decors existed, and they’re available in so many color and pattern options. And you can start from your private rooms like bedroom or even your home office. This is awesome to add a dramatic room statement.

Minimalism meets ‘maximalism’, meaning that you need to pair the traditional interior pieces with dramatic & large room statement like an extra-large pendant or an oversize furniture piece.

Make the vintage and handmade interior pieces as the comebacks. Brass finish has been outdated and now all vintage pieces are becoming a trend. It’s surely really amazing if you find out some creative handmade pieces in your home. Both handmade and vintage pieces feel more soulful.

Be minimalist with a little bit modern rustic touch. Minimalist seems to be the best option for simplest and visual-friendly interior style, but natural elements like wood and leather can give special texture and earthy tone to the room, making them in good balance.

Vintage yet practical. This kind of furniture is happening today and its vintage model inspire us to freely collaborate it with other furniture styles.

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