White Patterned Curtains

Each home owner has their own tastes, especially about color. There are home owner who loves to get colorful home design with combining many colors, but another home owner will love much better to have one main color to design their home, for example white. White is beautiful and elegant color. White is also representing modern style in every things, including curtains. Flat white is bored and very usual, so you need to find decorative white patterned curtains.

Good way to get cool white curtains are choosing the best one with patterned. White patterned curtains will improve your curtains look. Patterned is something that will make your curtains look different. Patterned curtains also can create its own style and feeling to your room. Don’t stuck at white color only when you choose white patterned curtains. You still need other color to make it pretty, but make sure white color is dominated.

People usually change their curtains based on their wish or celebrating some events. It is December, month of Christmas. White patterned curtains will be suitable curtains for your Christmas home decoration. It is white, then you have to add red, green, or gold accessories to your window. White is perfect color of winter too, white patterned curtains with sparkling pattern design will light up your home interior design.

Choosing curtains are not only about your windows, but also your shower in your bathroom. It is not really match to have such as heavy fabric with heavy color of shower curtains. White and layered patterned curtains are the solution.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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