8 Kickable Interior Trends in 2019

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2018 might be called the year of orange hue (terracotta), velvet-texture, and all rattan furniture. Yes, these things bring so pretty trend that could be still excited in early 2019. Yet, not all trends are preciously kept for the next year. It always depend on what’s new that would possibly take those people want to abandon.

Most interior designers agree that 2019 is about breaking the rule. This will produce unique and unexpected trend especially on pattern and color. Even, they confirm that the newest trend will apparently leave a mainstream style of midcentury modern and back to old decades-style like 80’s displaying more the round-shaped sofas and floral prints.

Besides that, to make the home interiors stylish and 2019-updated, the designers have no choice but to share some look new, and the followings are some trends that could be hottest pieces in 2019.

Just leave out the brass and start replacing it with mixed metals or chrome. Copper, for example, is suggested for adding an embracing matte finish.

Or if you really love the mirrored & glowing finish, chrome would be best choice. Chrome is amazingly giving an ultramodern look.

Yes, modern minimalist has moment and now it’s time to move on modern maximalist. How to get that? Just play with patterns. It would be much more interesting if you’re using more than one type of patterns. The rug and wallpaper potentially be the perfect targets. Pick different patterns and color and you would adore your own masterpiece.

Make a replacement for bar cart and please welcome our lovely console and bookcase. Actually these three things have the same function: as the storage solution, but console and bookcase own quite more essential look that suits all spaces.

Let’s learn about beige as it is predicted as the most popular color hue for next year. Beige is earthy neutral and of course can add homey and warm-nuance space.

Midcentury modern is too boring; so many people are using it today. Just pick an eclectic style and go mixing it with other pieces that provide comfort and style. Some 80’s seems good for an eclectic look.

Some pro designers say industrial and rustic are out and organic materials are so-in. Green inside of house feels so charming and relaxing; It gives much positive impact to body and mind, and of course this is what’s looking for today and becomes the most wanted lifestyle. Character of organic elements is so powerful and you can find this in your linens, wools, metals, and even ceramics.

Imperfection yes, perfection no; this idea is called a wabi-sabi. The idea focuses on the exhibition of trully home interiors. Whatever the condition is: it’s the main value. You don’t need to expose an Instragamable decors closely connected to the perfection.

Say ‘bye’ to concrete walls and just welcome the stucco and venetian plaster. Rich, one of popular interior designers, says concrete is dominating in this year but she sees another inspiration for the New Year. Stucco will come back next year and its comeback will be a chance to get the freshness and richness for the users.

Venetian plaster really contributes for a naturally shabby look – a perfect choice for manly decor idea.

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