Add More Glams to Your Kids’ Room with These Inspiring Montessori Floor Bed Designs

Dalida floor bed frame in house's attic look like Pinterest

As good parents, we surely want to give the best things to our kids and in the golden age, it’s better for us to provide our toddlers with the best facilities like the furniture specifically designed for the toddlers. Montessori or floor bed frame for toddlers is very recommended to furnish because it can be the multifunctional piece: as the secondary bed frame and as the indoor playhouse/ play tent. Basically, it’s safe because it’s laid down directly to the floors. Its low-profile possibly makes the toddler easier to reach in bed or out from bed. It’s also stylish and easy to maintain. The organic wood, the main material, means the bed is cheap, or even can be made a DIY version. Well, to give more details of Montessori bed, here are ten best ideas of Montessori bed frames complete with their stunning accessories.

This is a DIY Montessori bed frame. It’s unbelievable because it’s built for less than one hundred US Dollar. The toddler must be so excited to have this, a cool floor bed with a sustainable-material frame plus colorful pom poms on its ceiling. Twisted light fixture’s black cable is also made in interesting way, adding a simple yet fun pattern in one of bed frame’s pillars. For the base, the cushion is covered in white linen and some pillows are thrown in; the designer also adds a green velvet throw blanket for the accent. Beautiful.

Dalida floor bed, a special bed product specifically designed for toddlers. Made from best quality wood material, the bed is modified for all kids’ sizes. Based on physical design, the bed looks like the house’s attic. This can also be a direct statement of kids’ playroom.

Unlike the previous bed frames for toddlers, this one is called a Lean-To bed frame with slanted roof top plus railing system. I think that this bed is safer since it can keep your little one from rolling out. Available in twin size. With smooth wood-finish and rounded corners, the bed is also super-comfortable.

As a transitional furniture piece from the baby crib to ordinary bed, this house bed offers safe space for your toddler. Completed with smooth wood finish railing system, the little one won’t roll out. The wall decoration also helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for young kid. I really like the bed treatment; it’s giving a Scandi vibe instantly.

It’s delightful to have such a fantastic tent bed. The little one now has a new ‘nest’ to curl up while enjoying her/ his playtime with the animal stuffs. Supported with low-profile stairs, the kid will be easy to reach the bed. Smooth-surface wood finish is the chosen material to accommodate a kid-friendly bed idea, and yes it works well. The shape, in addition, would be better to place this bed in the attic where the space is well lighted and airy.

It’s a new arrival, a tent bed for kids’ playroom. Basically, the shape looks like a real tent but the material is solid wood finished in soft gray. In the front face, there is a big open space completed with optional linen cover, so it can be opened and closed when needed.

So practical, a house bed with additional bed and cabinets. This bed design is perfect for any small kids’ room. With this, you can start training your little one to manage his/ her own clothes and keep them uncluttered on the cabinets.

unique house bed for kids room made of light wood material


What a beautiful design! The house bed in perfect house shape. Look at the slanted roof top and the chimney, they’re so wonderful. This is so inspiring for you who love unique and anti-mainstream kids’ bed designs. The handmade cloud above the chimney is a genius idea.

I just wanna give a comment about the color shade, black. It’s okay to pick this color as the primary color to your kid’s house bed. With brightly white interior, black is extremely bold, potentially being the most stated piece in this room.

Add the kid’s room a charm by furnishing the space with such a beautiful Montessori floor bed frame. One thing that makes the bed looks more special is the draperies. They’re so dramatic in crisp white. Also, they can be a color accent for the bed.

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