Instagramable Spot at Home You Can Adopt for Your Dream Home

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Have you spotted the most Instagramable spots in your home? Instagram is often used to share a lot of beautiful things we have, starting from the fashion items, design and architecture, and even the delish foods and drinks. Sometimes have particular criterion related to all pictures we’ll post and share to our Instagram. Aesthetic value is just for the example. Not all spots in home are captured and shared to Instagram; just best of the best we’ve posted on Instagram. There are so many pro designers and architects who have shared their masterpiece via Instagram and today I need you to see some Instagramable spots in home I’ve collected from Pinterest. Hopefully these ideas can give you more inspiration especially when you have a plan of redecorating or remodeling your home. Let’s check these out.

A couple of wall decors have been most stunning pieces in this sitting area. These wall decors are Africa Tonga baskets. They’re handmade and display the artsy patterns. Their neutral shades visually blend with the couple of unique chairs. I also spot a couple of throw pillows with textural patterns and monochromatic shades. I think the combination of chairs and wall decors is a good way to create a stylish yet tribal sitting area.

Need a bit of transformation to your small balcony? You need to adopt this idea, a glass-covered balcony with a mini bar. To create a comfy and homey conversation spot, a couple of modern stools and high-profile bar table maybe complete your plan. A swing addition can be another seat option to relax while enjoying your favorite drinks and nicest views outside.

Imagine that you have such a big display in your living room. It’s effective to organize and to display your collections and some decorative items. Made from solid wood, the display rack looks so stylish and minimalist, matching with any contemporary furniture.

When talking about the living room, you’ll never be wrong to choose the armchair as the additional seat. Like this unique chair that can effortlessly be a stunner in your living room. The design looks like a bench with a woven-like backdrop plus colorful back-rest.

Rattan pieces become the focal points in this room. They’re designed in smooth finish but keep exposing their natural tone and texture. Mustard pouf looks great with these interior pieces. It gives a bold shade against this naturally light wood color.

What a good balance. I really love how the designer puts soft and bold color shades in one frame. Dusty pink works perfectly as the backdrop for the bed and bedside table (which are dominated by white or and other superlight tones), but I see the black fills the wall exactly implemented in wall decors. They’re bold and stunning.

It’s so perfect having such a soothing bathroom. A spa-like bathroom with a free-standing tub and wooden stool is more than enough to have a great life experience. With this, you can get relax while enjoying the most beautiful view through your glass window.

Pampas grass is my focus and it steals my heart actually. It’s perfect to add this dried Pampas grass to the corner of living room. Its color really matches with the existing tones dominated by naturally soft tones.

Simple yet feels so homey and comfortable. A couple of chairs with superlight blue cushions is more than enough; the vividly green vines add dramatic visual effect on top, flowing down beautifully on white backdrop. I love the chairs’ design; it’s totally inspired by midcentury modern style that’s clean line, minimalist, and characterful.

I find new collaboration here: rustic and Boho. I see wood texture dominating in this sleeping area. The texture obviously suits all soft-neutrals existing in this room (especially the linens).

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