Turn Your Boring & Dull Rooms into Most Inviting & Stylish Ones with These Adorable Statement Lamps Addition

mid century modern living room mirror surface credenza with a couple of table lamps medium wood floors white couches purple rug Alison Damonte

When you’re focusing your home decor, you’ll realize that the details make up the biggest difference, and while theme, style, and tone of rooms define it, the lighting exactly creates the options of ambiance and mood. The fact also says that the simple change of lighting completely affects the room’s vibe and can turn it into a boring and dull space into an inviting, cozy, and even an exciting one. Few series of lighting fixtures are designed by combining modern touch and timeless appeal and perfect functionality like these statement lamps.

Create a statement lamp with selecting the simplest and most functional lighting fixture like these pottery lamps. Put them on your wooden credenza and add just a bit decoration like a lovely vase for flowers. Clear this space off from any furnishing pieces to stand out the credenza, and intend it to be the one and only one object in your room after the furniture.

Add such modern lighting fixtures as statement pieces in your apartment-size dining room. These statement lamps look more attractive in black and white, the same color schemes of furniture & facade. The artwork (this large abstract picture) simply gives a little bit tone to the room, and the mirror wall ultimately becomes the best lighting’s pair, especially when reflecting the visual effect to the whole space.

A chandelier polished with nickel, a statement lamp that beautifully light up the room. Here, we also find some floor lamps in dazzling metallic finish. For me, they’re classic but a little bit modern in material and tone. This is the real evidence that these lighting fixtures can fit any designs and even more they add more brightness even when they’re off.

modern living room a cluster of table stool made of wooden textured white rug grey couches metallic finish floor lamp

Huis Styling

A cluster of table stools creates an amazing centerpiece, but the metallic-finish floor lamp adds another statement piece in this contemporary living room. Based on design, it’s a traditional furnishing item, but more modern on finish and tone. That’s so unique!

Go warm and stylish for the bedside. These statement bedside lighting fixtures nicely complete this classic headboard, giving much luxurious appeal.

Be creative. If your living room is fairly soft and neutral, consider choosing an anti-mainstream statement piece to add a dramatic focal point. This handmade wooden floor lamp, for instance. It’s a statement lamp with full of fun, it’s built from the wooden slates and coated with clear finishing (to keep exposing the natural wooden’s tone). Its natural, soft, and neutral tone doesn’t dominant and overpower the room’s scheme.

A little bit similar statement floor lamp with light wood as the primary material. It’s so artistic! The designer uses the natural wood for stand and black-stained metal for the shade. At glance, it looks like an industrial piece with woody highlight.

Add a precious statement light fixture to your quieter living room. A unique & creative wall lamp with longer stand may be included for more interesting look. Let it be a contrast by using black as its main color scheme. About the layout, select a strategic spot for mounting this lighting and let its stands run over to the couch’s top. Make sure that you’ve got the perfect height to prevent the lights’ shades don’t reach your guests’ head.

Transparent crystal ball pendant with chain holder – really match for higher rooms like this stair area. Put such statement lamp in rooms with less or even no-numbers of ornament pieces, I’m really sure the fixture will be the most stunning piece in that space.

Make your dining room more valuable just with such a adorable statement pendant. The pendant is highlighted with an artistic handy lampshade. Select the different color scheme and let it be the most striking object in your dining room.

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