Create a Great Visual Effect with Airy Big Bang Chandelier

Big Bang chandelier is most creative chandelier ever. The light apparently has casual pattern which consists of irregular planes. Such pattern creates huge volume around the source of light. The body’s light is structural and luminous, resulting the play of primary light and shadow. With broader visual effect, it suits for private rooms like bedroom and bathroom in any styles.

Big Bang chandelier provides vivid, intense, and direct lighting effect. It is available in two color options: only white and mix two-tone (red and white). This unique lighting is dimmable and supported with suspension cable (78 to 200 inches length). Aluminum, steel, and methacrylate are three primary materials of Big Bang chandeliers and this chandelier is categorized as HALOGEN lamp type.

Any series of Bing Bang chandelier look so great for any places indoor or outdoor. They’re sweet as patio lighting or home deck lighting fixtures. Their lighting effect, of course, always result dramatic and romantic visual effect for surrounding. Their unique design allows them being striking accent for place where they are in.

More visual design can be seen in the following gallery. We have displayed all variants of Big Bang chandelier which are applicable for interior or exterior use. Please, check them out.


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