Apartment With Small Living Room Design

Designing apartment is more challenging than designing a home. Apartment surely has more small space than a home. But having small apartment is not your problem, it is your chance to design and decor it nicely. Fun thing that you can do for your small apartment is its living room. Do some tricks and tips for designing your apartment and add some perfect decorations into it.

Be clever to choose furniture for your small place, make sure it fits. Apartment small living room must be the first room with amazing design in your apartment. Living room is a welcoming place for your guests, make them impressive with your beautiful decoration. If you have modern style of apartment, simple trick by playing wall painting will be great. And if your apartment style is classic, focus on designing its lighting is the best way.

Living room in apartment can have combo room concept. It means that you create one great area consists of living room, dining room, even a kitchen. It is perfect for small space without divider, so your apartment looks big than it seems. Your living room can be a central room in the middle of apartment space, available to do your living activity.

Choosing living room color in your apartment is also important. You need a fresh color like white, red, or blue. Light color will make your small living room looks shinny. Light color also creates large landscape inside your living room interior. Your living room may small, but its room design should be amazing.

reference: realsimple.com

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