Maximum Functionality within Small Apartment in Paris

Only approximately 8 square meters in extent, this cramped apartment in Paris has successfully brought function to maximum level. At a glimpse, the space is seemingly packed with sizable storage. Yet, what seems to be storage is in fact a modular design that supports any living circumstances. A creative mind behind this apartment design comes from Kitoko Studio which succeeds in transforming what used to be a maid room into a more functional space.

Stealing the concept from the swiss army knife, the designers are longing for a concept that all functions that can be arranged maximally in such compact space while still having ability to take advantage of it. Behind the closed door, certain housing unit is accessible to optimize the daily routines.

A set of dining table, book shelves as well as stair, wardrobe, mini bedroom, and even mini bathroom units are cleverly camouflaged in a modest and unexpected way. A mini kitchen is already available too as a place to fulfill cooking experience. As for lighting, a single pendant lamp becomes the only source for lighting to illuminate entire space.

The lack of space in any models of apartment forces the occupant to prioritize effectiveness and efficiency in designing functional apartment, and the apartment designed by Kitoko Studio is a strong proof that maximum functionality can be loaded into cramped apartment. Despite the straightforward design, this apartment in Paris is a great solution for urban communities that have increasing demand for housing, especially in modern cities.


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