Artistic Wall Decorations for Traditional Dining Room

Having a meal in a traditional living room makes you feel like in a palace. However, sometimes a traditional dining room looks boring because it is lacked of decoration. The plating may be arranged beautifully, but the wall is usually forgotten. Besides focusing on the food during the meal time, we usually also enjoy the atmosphere inside the dining room. That is why the wall decoration is also important as table decoration.

Wall decorations vary depends on your personal preference. If your dining room has a fireplace, a painting above it will be a nice choice. The painting can be filled with any pictures, from people to a scenery, as long as it does not disturb your appetite. furthermore, a couple of classic sconces on the both sides of the painting will enhance the artistic value. If you do not have a fireplace, do not worry, because you can place the painting in the middle wall room. The next option is putting up wallpaper. By adding the wallpaper, you do not need to put any colorful decoration on the wall. The hand painted wallpaper is the best option because you can adjust the drawing to your taste.

A mirror is also a good choice for wall decoration. The mirror is really suitable for traditional dining room because it can reflect the light from the chandelier throughout all corners. Furthermore, the mirror can make your dining room looked bigger. The mirror should be hung at the level of your eyes to maximize its function. Last, wall shelves containing china, plates, or other glasses can be also a good choice as well as a display area.


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