Avanti Compact Kitchen Design Opening Small Space for Comfortable Spot

Now, you don’t need to worry to live in a small house with narrow space for your kitchen because avanti compact kitchen design is available. Yeah, with the minimal design from avanti, you can do anything that you want even to hang out in the kitchen. Here, I come with several styles and modes that will electrify you! Are you ready to give it a look? Check it out!

The red round shapped kitchen design from avanti showcases the real compact style that you must have in the house. It looks great in red tone and the design is also lovable. Stainless steel backsplash itself is long lasting added with several appliances like modern sink and stove top make this design even more gorgeous!

In addition, if you deserve the larger design, it is suitable for you to choose the white kitchen with yellow backsplash. U shaped kitchen is the best choice for narrow space without reducing the comfort!

Meanwhile, the classic one with wooden cabinet shares the joy of classic appeal in perfect way. Plenty of dot pattern on the white backsplash gives awesome effect for playful kitchen design.

Further, even such narrow space is capable to store the white L shaped cabinetry with black top, isn’t it gorgeous? Its simplicity is just lovable with minimal glass window to keep fresh and bright interior. Anyway, you can hang out on the white chairs added!

To stick white avanti compact kitchen in living room wall is also possible with the flat white cabinet design. It looks large, but it appears simple and fits your living room style perfectly!

Reference: www.livinginashoebox.com

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